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About CoinPride

CoinPride is a team that creates free cryptocurrency web-services. The world of electronic cash is dramatically evolving. People need a lot of handy tools to watch news, monitor prices/volatility to be made. CoinPride is here to help.

Our Projects

In spare time CoinPride creates side projects: Altcoins Racing (shows you the top losers and winners among hundreds of coins), QR Generator (allows to generate a nice QR-code image for your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum address), CryptoChan (an imageboard to discuss Bitcoin-related topics anonymously)


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If you have a suggestion or a cool collaboration idea drop me a personal letter: CoinPride is quite social. You can follow it via Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.


Thanks to Freepik for the awesome lion vector. Kudos to @twholman for the attractive nodes canvas animation. Thanks to you for the attention and sharing this site.