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Lot #1 — newsletter placement
Club PlacementCoinPride Club around 1600 members get one weekly handcrafted newsletter with the most significant news and events. Openrate: 23.1%.
$150 for 1 newsletterorder
Lot #2 — CryptoList lifetime sponsorship
CoinBuzz PlacementCryptoList is a viral collection of the best cryptocurrency projects and tools. It's the top 15 ranked repository in the "bitcoin" topic. Place your projects' logo in the Sponsors section forever.
$150 payed onceorder
Lot #3 — promo Tweet
CoinPride TwitterCoinPride Twitter account is followed by thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts including traders, miners, investors and developers. See example of a promo Tweet.
$90 per Tweetorder
Lot #4 — CoinPride Mega Pack
CoinPride Mega PackMega Pack includes all the lots: Newsletter placement plus Twitter promo post plus CryptoList life-time sponsorship plus custom banner design.

Mega Pack guarantees maximum coverage across the CoinPride audience.
$390 $350order
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