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Order premium placements and empower your brand. We accept BTC and ETH.

Lot #1 — integrate your token at
CoinBuzz aggregates cryptocurrency news. You can show your token's Twitter & Reddit to the visitors and attract them.
$750 for 14 daysorder
Lot #2 — promo banner on
CryptoHackers PlacementCryptoHackers interview blockchain industry leaders. Influence the audience with a side promo banner.
$350 for 14 daysorder
Lot #3 — sponsorship at cryptolist
CryptoList PlacementCryptoList is an opensourced cryptocurrency resources list. Become the repository sponsor.
$100 for 14 daysorder
Lot #4 — newsletter placement
Club PlacementCoinPride Club members get one weekly handcrafted newsletter with the most significant news and events. Openrate: 38%.
$450 for 1 newsletterorder
Lot #5 — banner PlacementAltcoins.Racing tracks prices of ~1,300 altcoins and show the most gainers and losers. Order the top banner now to attract all the attention.
$150 for 14 daysorder
Lot #6 — CoinPride Mega Pack
CoinPride Mega PackMega Pack includes all the lots (CoinBuzz listing, CryptoHackers banner, CryptoList banner, Newsletter placement, Altcoins.Racing banner) plus Twitter mention plus 4 banner designs.

Mega Pack guarantees maximum coverage across the CoinPride audience.
$1800 $1500 for 14 daysorder
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